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Source: Shutterstock, Liv Oeian, Climate Protestors in Stockholm Sweden, June 2022
FICS (and partners)
07 Feb 2023

New website launched for Civic Futures

We are pleased to announce the launch of the website for our flagship philanthropic initiative, Civic Futures, co-founded with the Fund for Global Human Rights.

Our goal at Civic Futures is to keep civic space everywhere open. This is key to resisting democratic backsliding and enabling social justice movements to thrive. We want to foster collaboration between a wide range of funders and civil society to counter national security overreach. Our offer includes:

(1) analysis and trends related to “the security playbook” to deepen understanding of how to disrupt it;

(2) enabling a diversity of funders to take action under a common strategic framework;

(3) grant-making and accompanying civil society actors at every level, and especially being willing to test new approaches.

In the first blog post of 2023, Poonam Joshi, FICS Director and James Savage, Program Director, Fund for Global Human Rights, are exploring where we’ll see the use of the security playbook closing civic space in 2023, and how donors can join us to begin reversing the effects.

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