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Source: Flickr, Alisdare Hickson
FICS seeks a Programmes Assistant

Source: Shutterstock, Ahmad Aburob, Hands raised in protest
Building narrative power: introducing the Global Narrative Hive

Source: Flickr, Alisdare Hickson
New report calls for urgent action to defend UK’s democratic space

Source: Shutterstock, Liv Oeian, Climate Protestors in Stockholm Sweden, June 2022
New website launched for Civic Futures

Source: Shutterstock, Alexandros Michailidis, Flags of UN and EU stand in European council Building, Belgium, May 15, 2018
Counter-terrorism policies are cutting off civil society’s access to resources

Source: Shutterstock, 100 Words, Anti government protestors push shields of riot police, Bangkok, Thailand, November 24 2012
FICS report reveals proliferation of agencies influencing counter-terrorism

Source: Shutterstock, Lynsey Weatherspoon, Black Lives Matter March, New York, July 26 2020
Trends impacting civic space: “anti-rights groups”

Source: Shutterstock, Marcin Jóźwiak, Aerial view of distribution center
How can we defend and expand civic space?

Source: Youtube, Poonam Joshi, November 9, 2021
#OnWhatMatters: Hilary Pennington talks with Poonam Joshi

Source: Shutterstock, Sandor Szmutko, Young man with BLM banner provoking police officers, London, UK, June 13, 2020
FICS and partners on foreign policy and civic space

Progressive philanthropy should be bold about funding futures-thinking and visioning work.

Pushing back the proliferation of counter-terrorism laws and policies

Source: Shutterstock, Dave Coulson, Riot police bunch up next to a cloud of tear has, Hong Kong, June 12, 2019
A New Initiative on Civic Space and Security

Source: Shutterstock, Holli, climate change protest, Australia, March 15 2019
Rethinking civic space in an age of intersectional crises: a briefing for funders

Source: Unsplash, Matt Palmer, Ice break up in the ocean, Antartica, June 23, 2021
Climate, civic space and philanthropy

Source: Unsplash, Tim Gouw, 'Anti-Trump' protest at Ocean Beach, San Francisco, Feb 11 2017
What is closing space grantmaking?

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