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Source: Shutterstock, Lynsey Weatherspoon, Black Lives Matter March, New York, July 26 2020
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11 Mar 2022

Trends impacting civic space: “anti-rights groups”

In late 2021, FICS Director Poonam Joshi co-convened the annual International Civic Forum meeting, which brings together people from civil society, philanthropy, government and business to discuss the key issues arising around civic space.

The 2021 meeting focused on “anti-rights groups” and how these non-state actors, who include populists and far right groups, and even paramilitary groups and private interests, are making it harder for civil society to operate openly. At the meeting we examined the attacks on women’s rights, LGBT+ equality and ethnic and religious minorities, and we looked into building better solidarity and networks, as well as narrative change work.

Poonam and our colleagues from International Civil Society Centre, Eva Gondorová and Miriam Niehaus have blogged about the event here.

The International Civil Society Centre is a key partner for us at FICS, and is one of the places where we get together with others to ‘scan the horizon’ for trends affecting civic space. You can read about this futures and innovation work here.

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