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Source: Shutterstock, Holli, climate change protest, Australia, March 15 2019
20 May 2020

Rethinking civic space in an age of intersectional crises: a briefing for funders

Authors Ben Hayes and Poonam Joshi summarise the key findings of the FICS 2019 strategic review, which sought to elaborate a strategic framework through which independent funders could respond more effectively to the phenomenon of closing civic space through collaborative and targeted interventions.

This paper incorporates preliminary thoughts on the Covid-19 crisis alongside more developed ‘futures thinking’ about climate and technological change. It makes the case that – as funders who invest in progressive causes and movements – we must find new ways to expand the space for civic participation.

This is the first of a series of recommendations FICS will publish for funders on how to disrupt and reform the drivers of closing civic space.

View the publication in full here.

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