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Source: Unsplash, Tim Gouw, 'Anti-Trump' protest at Ocean Beach, San Francisco, Feb 11 2017
17 Mar 2018

What is closing space grantmaking?

How do we support civil society in a restrictive environment? Can civil society be supported to resist regressive laws and push back against closing space?

Purposeful grant-making strategy can bring more success in dealing with the closing space trend.

In Spring 2018, FICS published a paper that grouped strategies to support civil society into two broad categories: resistance and resilience.

Resistance strategies are those that support specific efforts to resist closing space and create a more enabling environment for civil society overall. Resilience strategies are those strategies that help ensure civil society continues to operate even if space is closing or closed. Some resilience strategies are critical to enable pushback over time.

View the publication in full here.

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